Sure Thing lyrics

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Heartbreaker - Sure Thing lyrics

It's saturday night and it's a perfect night for dancin'
I've had my makeup off and on all day
But it's gotta be right for a night of sweet romancing
And i've combed my hair at least a thousand ways
Mirror mirror don't you tell a soul
Of how i smiled and talked all day to you
And how i practiced every step i know of
But tonight's the night and i'm a dancing fool

(it's a sure thing) when the sun goes down this evenin'
(it's a sure thing) to be out on the dancing floor
(it's a sure thing) i'll be the last one leavin'
(it's a sure thing) gonna dance till i can't no more

I could of had a date but i thought i'd take my chances
I'm gonna dance with a different guy to every song
Then i'm a gonna wait till the right one strikes my fancy
The he's gonna be the one to dance me home

Repeat chorus twice