Catastrophe Reality lyrics

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unknown - Catastrophe Reality lyrics

Chopped a tree, the garden of eden is finished
When i say mankind, i use it as a derogatory term
Whereas scientists and governments use it as a saving grace
Well i once saw micheal heseltine on the telly, whilst he was still environment secretary, and it was a u.n. debate called 'the state of the planet, ten year on.' ten years on since the last debate, and he's there saying, 'look folks, don't worry. everything is under control. the rate of progress is faster than the rate of decline.' as if that made everything ok.
A man who is older than me, with factories in south african says, 'that's the way of the world, and there's nothing you can do about it. you can't change it. so you might as well enjoy it whilst you still can. well that's what i always say anyway, hmm, yeah, and remember that, that's a damn good outlook on life. i've come a long way i have, i have indeed. in fact, you could say i'm a shining example. the dirty kid come clean. have a cigar.'
He must be right cos he's got more experience than me. yeah, he's got a degree in better ways of destroying the earth, better ways of ceasing to be. even if we forget about nuclear war, just for a minute, only for a minute see he's cutting all the trees down, the atmosphere is breaking down the rain cycle's collapsing, acid rain destroying our lakes. forest is being cut down at a rate of an area the size of france every year whole countries of fertile land are being turned into desert, ask him about it, see what he's got to say for himself. ask him about it, see what he's got to say.
'what's it worth? what's it worth? make it worth my while, make it worth my while, maybe then, maybe then i'll think about it.