American Man lyrics

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American Man - American Man lyrics

Verse 1

People running round working bones into the ground, is everyone just trying to be first?

If you see me falling down from the building in the clouds, would you catch me before this bubble bursts?

Verse 2

Lord, I cant decide does this shirt go with this tie, when’s the next holiday?

You know I’m caught in up the grind where the blind lead the blind, I’d go broke for a little escape.


I’m an American man, I got more dollars than sense

I’m an American Man, I got more dollars than sense

My momma told me that it’s all that I’m worth

I’m an American Man, I’m gonna do all I can

I’m gonna take and take until it don’t hurt

Verse 3

I turned a nickel to a time, yeah I guess I’m getting by, are we still waiting for dessert?

If I toe the company line, might as well be doing time, till Im 6 feet in the dirt



I’ve been losing sleep the dreams they seem so real (2x)


I’m an American Man