The Winding Stream lyrics

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Their Complete Victor Recordings - 1932-1933 (CD) - The Winding Stream lyrics

(Public Domain, A.P. Carter)


Oh give to me a winding stream
It must not be too wide
Where waving leaves from maple trees
Do meet from either side
The water must be deep enough
To float our small canoe
With no one else but you

Do not disturb my waking dream
The splendor of that winding stream
Flower in my canoe
Her eyes they look me thru
A maiden fair with golden hair
Is very much like you


The sparkling trout beneath the bank
Does leave his hiding place
Kingfisher from the bough above
So eager to give chase
The spreading branches overhead
The sunrise seeping thru
When looking, Dear, at you


Splendor = Pracht, Herrlichkeit
Trout = Forelle
Kingfisher = Eisvogel
Bough = Ast
Eager = ungeduldig, erwartungsvoll
Chase = Jagd, Verfolgung
Branches = Zweige, Äste