Old Ladie’s Home lyrics

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On Border Radio - Old Ladie’s Home lyrics

I took a walk Sunday evening alone
And passed by the gate of an old lady’s home
I thought I heard one lone lady say
It seems that the postman stopped coming this way

Son, Son, wherever you are
Sit down and write to your poor old ma
You'll think of her if you only knew
How the little old lady is thinking of you

She sits alone in an old rocking chair
Grieving to think that you never cared
You'll be sorry, my Boy, if you leave her alone
And the world sends your ma to the old ladies’ home

Daughter, Daughter, sit down and write
Mother is thinking of you tonight
She thinks of you, dressed in silk and in lace
But just think of her and those tears down her face

One little word or just one little line
Would make those dim eyes with happiness shine
Oh, Brother, Brother, wherever you roam
Come back to your mother in the old ladies’ home