Thankful lyrics

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Faithful to Believe - Thankful lyrics

When you see me and tears are falling from my eyes
its because I’m thankful, thankful
and you see me dancing around and you’re wondering why
(It’s because I’m thankful) it’s because I’m thankful
For when I think about your goodness
And all the ways you’ve made for me
I did nothing to deserve it
It’s just you keep blessing me
And without your tender mercy
I don’t know where I would be
Makes me say I’m thankful, (to everything you’ve done Jesus) thankful
I’m thankful (anybody in this room tonight)
It’s because I’m thankful (listen here)
When I remember where I was and where I am right now
It makes me say I’m thankful, thankful (listen)
The lord lifted my hands when I felt like throwing in the towel
Lord that’s why I’m thankful [lord that’s why I’m thankful]
Cause you were not there when my life was hurting but somehow god he brought me though (yes he did)
And what the enemy meant for my evil god you turned it around for my good
And there never was a moment when you left my there alone
Ooo that’s why I’m thankful (any thankful people in this room today?) thankful
(I’m so thankful) it’s because I’m thankful
(For the times you’ve stood by me) for the times you’ve stood by me
(When all around) when all around I walked away
And the sins I committed against you Jesus
Because of the blood lord you forgave me
(Thank you lord) thank you lord for every blessing, and new mercy every day
Thankful (yes lord I am) thankful
(I need to know how many thankful people are in this room can say I’m thankful)
(If you’re really thankful come on someone tell him again) it’s because I’m thankful, thankful
(Come on tell him) it’s because I’m thankful
Thankful 13x