Love the Way You Walk Away lyrics

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American Goldwing - Love the Way You Walk Away lyrics

I"ve been feelin' in the way
Kinda underfoot on a Saturday
Sun it don't mean to hurt I guess
But the bright lights are harsh when your trying to rest
I know youve been wokring some overtime
In your granddads kitchen trying to make a dime
The old joke stands, cause it's true I guess
That when you find what your looking for you want it less

Baby I'm on the make, in my ole sport coat
And my head it aches,
Drinking to much tonight and it ain't right
And a brand new coat of paint
On this broke down palace, couldn't compensate
For the things that I never really said to make you stay
Cause I love the way you walk away

I spent the night in an old sedan
It was parked by the river where the oak tree stands
Try to find a station on that radio
Searchin' hard for a song that I just don't know
Some kind of person with a different need
But all I heard was the stars as they spoke to me
Ain't too tough, speakin' loud and true
Telling me all the ways that I"m losing you