Be Your Everything lyrics

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Fields of Grace - Be Your Everything lyrics

When you're lost and all alone
I will be your sure Way home
When you're left out in the cold
I will be your Shelter from the storm

When you're clouded by your doubts
You're surrounded and there's no other way out
I will be all that you need
And I'm here for the asking

Let me be your Everything
Let me be your Everything
Look at all that I will bring
In exchange for what you have
Bring your sorrow bring your shame
Bring your suffering and your pain
Don't you know the price is paid
If only you'll let Me be
Let Me be your Everything

When you're wandering in the darkness
I will be the Light that guides you
And when Death is standing at your doorway
I will be the Life inside you

When you face your deepest fears
When you can't see through all the tears
I will stay year after year
So patiently waiting ... hear me saying ...


Neither height nor depth, nor life or death
The angels above or the demons beneath the sea
Could ever separate you from
The love in me, so won't you let me be