Everything In 2's lyrics

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How Does Your Garden Grow? - Everything In 2's lyrics

(written by kevin griffin)

Cut me out of this role.
I can't play it anymore.
It must be something in the water here.

Give me up,
I confess.
I feel as though i'm living less.
The strangest gravity affects my way.
Because i was born incomplete,
Drowning in the brevity.
Kind of like a road you're travelling on.

Everything in 2's
You often lose
You make me whole again
Everything in 2's
You never knew
You'd make me whole again.

Someone said, someone wrote,
We're floating tethered to a rope.
So complicate me,
I could use the weight.
In how you move the scenery,
Lover, how you mirror me.
But stop me if you've heard it all before.

And now and again,
You find yourself over your head.
In a cynical time, in you i find
A reason to live.

Cut me out of this role
I can't play it anymore
It must be something in the water here.