Blue lyrics

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When nights are long I think of you
Could you be blue as blue as I am
When lovers pass do you feel blue
And wish you knew where went wrong

I'd like to call but I'm afraid to find
That I'm not on your mind all night long
When Sundays come what gets you through
Are you still glad you're free or are you blue like me

When nights are long
(It seems so long, so very long)
I think of you
(My heart is aching and I'm, oh, so blue)

Could you be blue
(As blue as those eyes of yours)
As blue as I am
(My sweet, sweet baby)

When lovers pass
(And now that spring is here)
Do you feel blue
(What'll I do)

And wish you knew
(Without you)
Where we went wrong
(Without you to walk with and talk with)

I'd like to call
(I'm starin' at the phone)
But I'm afraid I'll find
(With the radio for company)
That I'm not on your mind
(You'd never guess)

All night long
(The song they're playin')
When Sundays come
(Sometimes I wonder)
What gets you through
(What gets me through)

Are you still glad you're free
Or are you blue like me, blue like me