Anything You Can Do lyrics

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Encore: Movie Partners Sing Broadway - Anything You Can Do lyrics

Barbra: Hi, Melissa?
Melissa: Oh wow, Barbra Streisand
Barbra: StreiSAND like sand on the beach, soft S.
Melissa: Right. Sorry. What are you doing here?
Barbra: I’m here to see the director who cast me in the lead in his new movie.
Melissa: He cast ME in the lead in his new movie.
Barbra: That’s impossible.
Melissa: Yeah, well we’ll see.
Barbra: Really!

Any part you can play I can play better
I can play any part better than you
No you can’t (Yes I can)
No you can’t (Yes I can)
No you can’t (Yes I can, yes I can)

Any laugh you can get I can get bigger
I can get any laugh as big as you
With one look (with a glance)
Till they cry (wet their pants)
Till they roll (till their sore I’ll get more)

I can belt a D flat, and I’ll never be flat
I don’t have to warm up, I can act a storm up
I can do a concert tour
With hip-hop and rap
Well after a nap
You got me there

Barbra: Are you related to Mathew?
Melissa: No that’s McConaughey
Barbra: What about Paul?
Melissa: That’s McCartney
Barbara: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m sorry

Any house you can build I can build better
I can build any home grander than yours
Barbra: With great taste
Melissa: With ten johns
Barbra: With restraint
Melissa: Lots of bronze. With a mode and a wall
Barbra: With a mall!

In any comedy I can be crasser
I can be cruder and crasser than you
With a belch (with a burp)
With a shrug (with a slug)
Yes I’m clan (well I’m just not obscene)

You’re a dirty talker
You played mother Focker
Bridesmaids’ a keeper
Price of Tides’ a weeper
We agree on quite a lot
Let’s make amends
Yeah we should be friends

Barbra: What do you call a man who’s lost all his intelligence?
Melissa: I don’t know, what?
Barbra: A widower (haha)

Anything men can do we can do better
Anything men can do we can do too
Steal a scene (stop the show)
Build a scheme (as our own)
Have a child (with a man) yes we can

We were underrated
Teased and depricated
But we sent them reelin’
Through the glass ceiling
There is nothing we can’t do
Barbara: Well can you bake a pie?
Melissa: No
Barbra: Neither can I

You know anything I can do we can do better
We can do anything better as two
Make chick flicks (but has kicks)
As a team we’re a dream
Melissa: You’re the bomb
Barbra: Huh?
Melissa: You’ll be great—
Barbra: really?
Melissa: As my mom!
Barbra: You’re mom? Don’t you mean sister? Why would you say a thing like that? Fine.

Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can
Yes we can

Melissa: Can I call you Babs now?
Barbra: No, too soon.