Ho Of My Own lyrics

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unknown - Ho Of My Own lyrics

Written by l.a. reid, babyface, daryl simmons (1992)
Performed by highland place mobsters

I know that he's your nigger
And girl the way i figure
You've been doggin' me now baby
It's all in your game of love
You know that i am a lover
And i'll go and find me another
If you want another now baby
Then i'll just get the hell out

I, i, i gotta find a ho of my own
I, i, i gotta find a ho of my own

Well girl if you're committed
I'm down and i'll be with it
Just remember one thing baby
That i ain't attached to love
Don't give me mixed emotions
Cause i know where you've been going
Round, and round, and round you go baby
Either you're ready or...


Why can't you see girl that i
I won't ever be denied, i refuse to be
I must be your number one, i won't share with anybody
You won't mean nothing to me
If you're not there to be my baby
Only my baby
Cause i'll just get the hell out


I've been waiting for a woman like you for a very long time now
But it's okay, i understand
Let's go back to my place
I can explain it a little bit better there
Check this out...

Hook (repeat to fade)