Your Fool lyrics

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unknown - Your Fool lyrics

Yes i'm changing my ways baby
I ain't gonna be like i used to be
My past is behind me baby
I ain't gonna be like i used to be
I used to give you all of my money woman
And i wouldn't save a dime for me

You used to treat me like a fool baby
Still i loved everything you done
I was just your fool, i was your fool baby
And i worshipped everything you did like a king
Yes if you ever, if you ever loved me woman
Yes i tell you baby you must have kept it hid

Yes you can go...out of your tears
And get that mistreated look off your face
Yes you know i feel what i feel baby
I tell you i just won't be no more
And then that you realise woman
Everybody's jumpin' down the...
Comin' down the...