Down In The Dark lyrics

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Angel of Babylon - Down In The Dark lyrics

All of a tremble
You can feel their poison arrows
Have left their mark
Higher and higher
Wanna seize the day
While you're waiting for the dark

You're running from the disdain
You know this time
You won't turn around
Chasing an illusion, disillusion
Desire leading, downward bound

Into the black
You are tracing the riddle
Where no man's been
No turning back
No more lost in the middle
Never again, never again
Once you have opened your eyes
Down in the dark you'll be crossing the line

I'm a believer on the receiving end
Of the bat they hold with grace
Dead to the voices of the anxious
Timid of him who must not be named

Enticing me away now as the sun sets
To the truth that lies beyond
I'm chasing an illusion, an illusion
Revelation I'm coming home