Blowing Out The Flame lyrics

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Angel of Babylon - Blowing Out The Flame lyrics

I sold my soul for diamonds
And reason for acclaim
Been begging for white angels
To blow my mind away

Been growing funny flowers
Where roses never grew
I stayed awake all night
When I woke up from dreams
Of me and you

I tried to take the sun and I went blind
God help me to erase you from my mind
I'm growing cold
And the night is yet to come
Anyone tell me is this

The way it's meant to be
Lost and isolated
I'm way too complicated
For you to lean on me

I play a losing game
I cried in desperation
Mental devastation
I'm blowing out the flame

Self-pity gave me shelter
I always hid away in vice
Dyslexic, torn and tattered
I tried to read the signs