Someone, Somewhere lyrics

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Reckless & Relenties - Someone, Somewhere lyrics

(Even though I'm on my own)
(I know I'm not alone)
(Cause I know there's someone, somewhere)
(Waiting when I make it home)
(So here's one from the heart)
(A life line from the start)
(Home sweet home)

It was you
If only I could do this
You put the music in my heart
Now I'm singing with a band in Memphis
It's hard just, to be strong
Not knowing if, I've done you wrong
I want to imagine
A smile when you hear my songs

Even though I'm on my own
I know I'm not alone
Cause I know there's someone, somewhere
Waiting when I make it home
So here's one from the heart
A life line from the start
Home sweet home
On my own

A letter home
And I don't really speak much
We both know I'm not keen too
But I think there's things I've left unsaid
I'm okay, don't worry
I wish I'd been a better kid
I'm trying, to slow down
I'm sorry for letting you down

Even though I'm on my own