Reckless And Relentless lyrics

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Reckless & Relenties - Reckless And Relentless lyrics

They said that self destruction I stopped below and for along,
My only home is the bottom of the bottle and a rolled up bill and im ready to go!
I let the scent die in and out and I dont care how long I last,
On the constant drink and drugs and dont get me wrong Im having a fucking blast.

I am rock and roll, living a life we can only dream of,
I am rock and roll at its fucking finest

Just like the cigarettes hurt,
Just like the whiskey burns, wohoa wohoa
I guess im never gonna learn (x2)

You cannot stop me till my insides bleeding,
You cannot stop me till my last breathe comes,
Im gonna go until I hit the floor
Cant find a way back to my feet

Pass me a glass and lets destroy everything in this fucking place like a million miles an hour you pussys cant keep up with this fucking pace