Morte Et Dabo lyrics

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Reckless & Relenties - Morte Et Dabo lyrics

So he came forth and said onto me
Son, you are forsaken
Condemned for the sins that you live
I offer you forgiveness [x2]

Bow down before me
I will never bow to he who claims to be divine
I'll tear down your gates with my bare fucking hands
And burn the world that you rule over
No matter how convinced you are, you're not a god of mine

I never believed in you
From what I see it was justified
I never believed in you,
In you

This power over the masses is a gift you don't deserve
When your blood spills, we'll drink from your fucking skull
You can run, you can hide

I'll fucking find you
I'll tear your eyes out of your self-righteous face
I'll fucking find you
I'll tear your tongue out of your rancid fucking mouth