Born Again Idiot lyrics

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Volume 8: The Threat Is Real - Born Again Idiot lyrics

Why do i explain myself when everyone's
An idiot but me
I think some people need
Killing for stupidity and i'll be born again
Kicking and screaming
And dragged back into a life
Like ten pounds in a nine pound bag
Still i come back to give you something
That you never had.
Idiot rules
I never fight i only win
And i don't make em
I never bend i only break them
Finish my smoke, down my drink, wipe my mouth
And i just walk away
What's the chance of finding something
Real and make it last
For that i'd carry all my bags and leave
Them in the past
Because i spend my life fixing mistakes
That left me scarred
And when i stand and meet my maker
I'll be born again hard

Don't judge me by my sins