World Aids Day Protest Poem lyrics

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Jay Z - World Aids Day Protest Poem lyrics

HIV and Aids

Am I a statistic, unaware?
Am I realistic, or a characteristic
Sexism is playing tricks with who I am

I stumble with fear living inside as dark closet gay
Theatrically I am not straight, I have strayed away
From the suicidal thoughts of being ugly

In a world full of pain and suffering
I lived through painful times
Frightened by Aids, embraced by change

Every day is a struggle as my condition persist
For better or for worst with my sexuality
I cope with disease estranged and disgraced

My sex is mistaken for ineffectual and weak
I live in unethical practice of the skin I live in
I’m dying inside, living a lie, with the will to hold on

The fever is broken and the secret is out
My past is behind me
And my dreams must live on