Dance With Me lyrics

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Mumbo Jumbo - Dance With Me lyrics

Verse 01:
Dance With Me
Let Me Put My Arms Around You
Step in To The Sound
Close Your Eyes
You Will See...

Verse 02
Dance With Me
I don't have an explanation
I only want to feel
part of you...
next to me...

I thought about it for so long
that (but) it could never be
I run away from every song
and wait until the final one
if you would only dance
with me...

verse 03:
Let me pull your body closer
read your lips
speak your mind
When you say

Verse 04:
Dance with me
don't wait until the music's over
I don't want to watch
as tonight
slips away


Dance With Me
Dance With Me

I'm standing here and I confess
The way you look inside that dress
is bringing life onto this wooden floor
For one last time the band will play
And I am only steps away
from feeling like I never felt before...

Verse 05:
Dance With Me
Let me pull your body closer
Let me read your lips
Speak your mind
when you say

(verse 04)

Dance with me...
Let me put my arms around you...