I Can't Stand When They Don't Text Back lyrics

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The Number 22 - I Can't Stand When They Don't Text Back lyrics

loss of communication, for all I know this is the peak
of this made up relation, shit fell after one stupid week
it's just too much frustration, too much to ask for what we need
is this just desperation, I feel this every time we meet
and all I want is this to last so I can say some things to you
I’d try to find a way to ask, but these messages just don’t get through
is this why you never text back, although you say you speak the truth
can't think of what to write back fast, back track, attack, right [write] back to you

cause I’m sitting on the computer
thinking of all the things I'd do to her
and don't sign on cause I’m intimidated
and we all know what comes of premeditated

back to our conversation, tend to forget where we left off
I used to laugh at recreational temptations to get lost
let's have a celebration, anything but kill this time and talk
we'll leave those expectations to our friends just until we get caught
now will these words taunt me all night?
(I don't know, find out for yourself)
and should I comfort you,, act nice
(these first dates never end up well)
tell me if this stained shirt looks alright
(don't stress it, she will never tell)
ten minutes quiet and uptight
(after this, all's well end's well)
and I don't want to spill the beans and make you run off and be gone
by telling you how hard it is to see your screen name signing on
or how I hope that you don't send me texts, scared of what to respond
and how confidently you get everything on your mind off