Stay Ready Feat. Dirtball lyrics

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New World Orphans - Stay Ready Feat. Dirtball lyrics

It's like bohemian grove
the trilateral commission
Uh, Bilderberg's
Um, club of rome

They're here
What, right now

Hit this lil homey let me get this
Word out to the mentally gifted
The truth hurts - but i can't keep
A secret
Peep this shit - cuz the government
Leaked it

"I am prepared to state that while
I was there we saw living bodies...
Dead bodies of entities that we're
Not born on this planet
We have contact!" - Lt. Clifford Stone

2008 - anotha fake election
Anotha fake politician
Anotha distraction
Brought to you by your fake TV
#1 source of manipulation
#1 source of fake information
Standby...mesmerize the nation
Lets induce mass hallucination
Load em all up into the
Got damn uncle sam
I'm not just a number - i'm just a man
I do not like green eggs and ham
I do not like them sam i am
Gonna make a stand
Fight the system and the
New world plan
Fight the fascists and the hidden
Fight religion and he vatican
Dont fuck with me cuz
I dont givafuk about
Politics - Terrorists - Propaganda
Bitch - don't you know we much
Smarter than that
And we've come much
Farther than that
We work harder than that
My people aint retarded; in fact
We cybernetic with 22 genetic
Strains intact
Dont fuck with us cuz we're
Sick of your shit
And we're ready to fight for
Truth and justice
Are you ready to die for this?

Lets get it on

This kinda trouble no set like rain
This kinda trouble no set like rain
It's a survival thing
This kinda trouble no set like rain
This kinda trouble no set like rain
so stay ready

I smell hell
When i'm fuckin authority
I forever want my rebel to yell
Stay ready for the face off
Jump the black suit muthafucker
Trying to take my cape off
Cant stop me
Got a middle finger greed
Out for everybody to see
Coincide with the beat
On point with it
Spit it and get it out into the
Ears of the public
Been ready for change for so long
Nobody ever gonna tell me
What went wrong
Nobody ever gonna tell me
Why things be
Pushed under the rug
Why did they lie to me
Gonna do what i can
Straight piss on the man
Everybody betta understand
Complete my plan against the grain
With a gun in my hand
And show no shame muthafucka
You in the middle of a mind
Fuckin with the cattle patrol
Fight for the right to
Battle the mole
I'm gonna bet the bank that i'm goin
Out with a bang

Gonna make a stand...
Don't fuck with me...
Cant stop me...
Don't fuck with us...
We're ready to fight for truth
And justice...
Are you ready to die for this?
Let's get it on
This kinda trouble no set like rain...
Stay ready