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(Cottonseed Clark, Chet Turner)

Did you ever take your Saturday bath and try to wash and scrub
While squatting down on your haunches in a galvanized washing tub
If not then you ain't missed a thing but I'm tellin' you what's right
I done it till I was almost grown every doggone Saturday night

In summertime it was bad enough but in winter it got rough
A-spreading papers and filling kettles and all that sort of stuff
But gettin' ready for that ordeal was only half the rub
Of takin' a bath on Saturday night in a galvanized washing tub


Did you ever stand there stripped to the skin, I wood stove bakin' your hide
A-dreadin' to punch you darned foot in for fear you'd burn alive
Finally you got the temperature right and into the tub you'd crawl
And when that cold steel touched your back, you'd squeal like a fresh stuck hog

You get out of the tub and next to the stove and stand there a-drippin' and a-shakin'
The front of your body is a-freezin' to death while the backside you're a-bakin'
A-shiverin' and a-shakin' and a-burnin' and a bakin', that's the price I had to pay
That awful ordeal will haunt me until I'm old and gray


I ain't thru yet thru somethin' else but I've bein' a-wantin' to stay
I was the youngest of all the kids that bathed every Saturday
There we all bathed according to age and I fell last in order
Which meant I had to wash myself in the same dead-blamed old water

I'm a man of clean habits and believe in a bath a week
It helps to keep me healthy and it freshens my physic
But if I had my dresses I'd rather eat a bug
Than to take my Saturday bath again in a galvanized washing tub