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(Boudleaux Bryant)

I got a brand-new baby that I call my own, hot diggity dog
When the lights are low and we're all alone, hot diggity dog

She winds her arms around me tight, I almost have a fit
Then I feel like a stick of dynamite, after the fuse is lit

When I met my baby, well, I struck it rich, hot diggity dog
When she kisses me I nearly bust a stitch, hot diggity dog

She's got what it takes to win a beauty prize and I turn to jelly when she rolls her eyes
She's a one girl whose a lollapaloosa, hot diggidy dog


Well, my little baby dolly is a one man kind, hot diggidy dog
She has a gift of lovin' with a one track mind, hot diggidy dog

She's a very top authority on the art of how to pet
Any trick she hasn't showed to me ain't been invented yet
I got a date with her tonight at nine, hot diggidy dog
We're gonna dine and dance and cut a shine, hot diggidy dog
And here's what I'm feelin' so enthused about
She told me I'll never wear my welcome out
She's a one girl whose a lollapaloosa, hot diggidy dog

-Solo- Refrain:

Hot diggity dog = vermtl. Hot dog (no diggity = ohne Zweifel)
Lollapaloosa (am. sl.) = etwas außergewöhnliches, hervorragendes